Dear Agile enthusiast, these Cheat Sheets (work in progress) provide glossary information about most aspects you encounter when your team is using Agile to deliver a product. I try to use generic terms, but since some of it is based on Scrum, you will also encounter some more specific terms.

The Cheat Sheets are only reminders of what is important, I highly advice you to read some books or follow a training to get familiar with Agile and/or Scrum.

As you start using them you might find that information is not applicable to your situation or you need additional information. The document is created in Word and you are free to edit your copy to your hearts desire.

The sheets are based on the following books and some internet research (wiki etc).

Overall Agile and Scrum:

  • Essential Scrum – Kenneth S. Rubin
  • Succeeding with Agile – Mike Cohn

Deliverables and roles:

  • Agile Product Management with Scrum – Roman Pichler
  • User Stories Applied – Mike Cohn
  • Agile estimating and planning – Mike Cohn
  • Agile Testing – Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory

Retrospectives and coaching:

  • Agile Restrospectives – Esther Derby, Diana Larsen, Ken Schwaber
  • Coaching Agile Teams – Lyssa Adkins

You can download a copy here.

They are not “perfect” yet but some are complete enough to start using. They don’t yet align when printing double sided. Any suggestions or remarks? Please drop me a note at astrid dot claessen at gmail dot com.

Agile Cheat Sheets (Work in Progress)

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