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Value delivery

I love being able to help an organisation deliver a valuable product to their customers, and to help management create the right environment to enable people and teams to deliver that value.

You can find more details about previous engagements on my LinkedIn profile.


Using Innovation GamesGame StormingArt of HostingManagement 3.0, Open Space Agility and other techniques I help groups in their team & product development and decision making proces.



I just love to read; business books, novels & some fantasy.

It allows me to gain knowledge, learn about different perspectives and it triggers me to change myself & help my environment. 



Whether a project plan or a book, I love reviewing stuff. I'm a fast reader with divers interests and love reading other people's work and have a conversation with them.

  • "The New Agile" by Sander Hoogendoorn (working title)
  • "Startup, Scaleup, Screwup" by Jurgen Appelo
  • "Inviting leadership" by Daniel Mezick
  • "Sociocratie 3.0" by Jef Cumps
  • "Scrum for managers" by Rini van Solingen and Rob van Lanen
  • "Dit is agile" by Sander Hoogendoorn (which I also translated to English)
  • "Zonder kiezen blijf je kauwen" by Bart Gevers


I started filming in 2017 when we did a live report of the Legends Trails ultra running events. This hobby grew a little out of hand when Joost Mulders and I decided to create the full feature documentary When Heroes Become Legends which can now be viewed online for free. Besides the narration, a bit of the footage and the map vizualisations all the work is created by the two of us.


Ever since my first "round-trip" through Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia) I've returned to Africa for several years and visited Marocco, Tunesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique.

During 2008 I have even worked as a consultant in the last 3 countries.


A great way to capture what you see and experience.

Combining traveling and photography is the best, and I know no better team to do this with than Marsel & Daniella from Squiver. You can see some of my work on Flickr.