Management Consultant /Coach

With previous experience as Line Manager, Product Manager, Program and Project Manager, Test Manager and Agile Coach with work experience in Europe, Africa and Asia I am able to help management teams or individual managers with the challenges they face in the current era.

What is your challenge? Maybe I can help? Team-development, delegation challenges, time to market?

Below are some suggestions of what I can offer your organisation. Let's talk and explore.

leadership workshops

Experience working in a different way based on leadership models like Management 3.0, Intent Based Leadership (Turn the Ship Around), Invitating Leadership or Lean Change Management.

organisation review

A lot of the time impediments to delivering value are found in the way the organisation is designed. They are systemic and can't be changed by only focussing on improving the people working in the organisation.

Would you like me to take a look at your governance structure, project-or portfoliomanagement?

book club

I love reading and discussing what I learned from a book with my colleagues and then decide what and how to implement what we learned.

Having read over 300 business books I'm sure I can suggest something that can help you with some of your challenges. We read the book together and I'll facilitate a dialogue and workshop to define the next step.